Commitment for Environment

We will promote initiatives to save energy, save resources, and prevent pollution to reduce the environmental burden of our business processes. Engaging in environmental activities, raising our environmental awareness, and regularly assessing our impact on the environment we face, we work on environmental conservation activities while continually striving to improve.

Environmental Policy (excerpt)

Basic philosophy

Based on our corporate philosophy, we are conscious of our responsibility and pride in our role in society, and proactively work on efforts to address environmental issues such as global warming and resource depletion. With each and every one of us playing a leading role, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Basic policy

  • Consideration for the environment
    We will strive to conserve the environment, promoting initiatives to save energy, save resources, and prevent pollution.
  • Compliance with environment-related laws and regulations
    We will comply with laws and regulations related to environmental conservation, as well as other requirements that are determined to have an impact on the environment and agreed upon.
  • Co-existence with society
    As a good corporate citizen, we will take initiative in working on community contribution activities, and strengthen the bonds of mutual trust.
  • Awareness raising activities
    To raise our awareness of environmental conservation and expand the scope of our activities, we will inform all employees of this Environmental Policy, publicize it outside the company, and proactively promote awareness-raising activities to ensure that all employees understand it and put it into practice.

Environmental Management System

Based on our Environmental Policy, CONEXIO has established an environmental management system centered on the SDGs Promotion Committee (chaired by the General Manager, Corporate Planning Division), and promote environmental activities such as managing environmental risks and reducing our environmental burden. The SDGs Promotion Committee identifies environmental issues deliberated by the Sustainability Committee, examines measures for implementation, and confirms the progress, facilitating continuous improvement. Additionally, the Corporate Business Group (headquarters, Toyosu Office) has acquired ISO14001 certification and works to maintain it.

Initiatives for utilizing resources (example)

When relocating the headquarters in January 2022, we revised how we handle stationeries across the headquarters as part of our initiatives to utilize office spaces. By designating a fixed location for keeping stationeries, stationeries in our office are now provided on an as-needed basis.
As we collected surplus supplies such as writing utensils and hole punchers, we considered a way to utilize them as resources. We are now sending them to the Philippines as an aid to developing countries with the cooperation of a company focused on reuse efforts.