Commitment for Governance

We work to enhance corporate governance, legal compliance, and risk management in order to ensure highly transparent and fair management and continue socially responsible behavior.


Recognizing compliance as a matter that takes priority over everything, the Company will continue to build a structure for effective sustainable control over issues including willful negligence.
The Company established the Compliance Committee for the purpose of ensuring compliance within the Company. The Compliance Committee meets quarterly, and with the CCO acting as chairperson, formulates specific policies and internal training methods in line with the Company’s compliance program, as well as regularly monitors the implementation status of these policies. In addition, compliance matters concerning business activities are set forth in the Corporate Code of Conduct, which is written on a card along with the philosophy statement and carried by all officers and employees in their ID cases. As a result of this initiative, there were no major compliance violations in FY2020.

Whistleblower program

The Company has put in place a system for proper reporting and has established a hotline contact for directly contacting the CCO, General Manager of the General Affairs Department, and an outside lawyer. Investigations are done with consideration to whistleblowers so that they do not suffer any disadvantages from reporting. In addition, the Contact for the Consultation posters are displayed in each workplace so that employees can consult at any time instead of worrying alone.

Efforts to instill compliance awareness

To instill compliance awareness among employees, we have posted on the intranet the compliance program and Our Handbook for Laws and Regulations, which describes laws and regulations related to CONEXIO’s business and key points, so that all employees can review them as needed.
We provide training for newly hired employees and midcareer hires when they join CONEXIO to ensure they fully understand compliance and never engage in misconduct.
We also provide training for all employees on specific themes during the Compliance Focus Months twice annually. In addition, we have implemented the Training for Assistant Shop Managers and Above semiannually, in which Section Managers, Shop Managers, Assistant Shop Managers, and other managers learn the knowledge required of supervisors, as part of our training efforts for eliminating compliance incidents.
Furthermore, we disseminate information on actual incidents as Internal Case Studies to facilitate the understanding of cases and rules by all employees and confirm their full understanding. Through these measures, we minimize the lack of understanding and misunderstanding of rules.