Commitment for Governance

We work to enhance corporate governance, legal compliance, and risk management in order to ensure highly transparent and fair management and continue socially responsible behavior.

Information Security

The Company believes that appropriately managing and protecting the enormous amount of customer information entrusted to us on a daily basis is its natural responsibility to earn the trust of society. The Company considers the fulfillment of this responsibility to be the most important management issue and has established an Information Security Policy and Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information. In August 2004, the Company was the first in the industry to obtain the certification of Information Security Management System (ISMS), and the Company has remained certified even after this system was switched to the accreditation criteria for ISO27001. Currently, the Corporate Sales Division (Headquarters, Kansai Branch, Toyosu Office), Smart Service Division, Large Retailers Business Division (Tatsumi Office, Sapporo Distribution Center, Sapporo Telemarketing Center), Consumer marketing Division (Shinjuku Higashiguchi Office), Information Systems Department, and special subsidiary CONEXIO with Corporation are certified.

Efforts to increase awareness of security

The Company conducts regular security checks at each carrier shop such as docomo Shops, au shops, Rakuten Mobile shops, and elsewhere to prevent information security incidents and compliance incidents before they occur at shops. The Company strives to increase security awareness by providing the results of these checks to the sales administration departments of each shop as feedback.