Message from the President

Since its establishment in 1997, CONEXIO has served customers from all walks of life as a telecom carrier agency for mobile phones and smartphones and helped create today’s convenient and comfortable digital lifestyle to the best of our abilities, founded on the corporate philosophy of “Conexio is to connect people and values.”
Valuing our responsibility and taking pride in supporting the vital infrastructure for life and business, we have provided charging services at carrier shops during natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, participated in the e-Net-Caravan program that encourages healthy use of smartphones and the internet by the youth, and maintained the operation of carrier shops and services for corporate clients even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the digital society advances even further in the future, many people and companies will be making use of smartphones and digital technologies to realize more innovative and convenient lifestyles and activities. First and foremost, we aspire to provide an ongoing support for these efforts. Moreover, when providing these services, it will also be very important to have a perspective in the position of the technologically disadvantaged. We would also like to help create a society in which the digital divide will not be exacerbated and there will be no disadvantages such as being unable to enjoy highly convenient services that should be available to all. To address these social issues while achieving our business growth, we have newly identified the following five important issues (materiality) and will implement concrete SDGs management practices.

  1. Eliminating the information gap and realizing a prosperous information society
  2. Promoting digital transformation in business society
  3. Contributing to the prevention of incidents and accidents and the creation of a society resistant to natural disasters
  4. Initiatives for environmental issues
  5. Promotion of diversity and inclusion

We will help create a sustainable society by advancing SDGs management, optimizing the business base, financial base, and human capital that we have cultivated over the years.

PresidentHiroshi Suguta