Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

For CONEXIO, sustainability means realizing the corporate philosophy of “Conexio is to connect people and values” through our business.
In the field of communication network, we, with our stakeholders, contribute to the realization of a prosperous society where people respect each other's human rights.


To contribute to the realization of a secure and comfortable society, our communication network keeps offering new value and services that exceed customer expectations.


Customer satisfaction cannot be achieved without employee satisfaction.
We respect employees' diverse personalities and promote the creation of a workplace where each employee demonstrates their abilities and maintain work-life balance.

Business partners

Through fair and sincere business transactions, we build relationships of co-existence and co-prosperity with telecommunications carriers and all other business partners.
We meet the expectations and trust of every business partner with high ethical standards and responsible actions.

Shareholders and investors

We promote sound and transparent management and disclose our business performance and financial position in a timely and appropriate manner.
To meet the expectations of our shareholders, we produce a high level of results and aim for a sustainable increase in enterprise value.

Local communities

We cooperate and collaborate with all local communities where we engage in business activities and, as a member of local communities, contribute to their development through our business.

Organizational Structure for Promotion

In aiming to achieve a sustainable society and further implementing SDGs management, the CSR Committee and the Environmental Committee were reorganized into the Sustainability Committee and the SDGs Promotion Committee respectively, and the DX Promotion Committee was newly established.

Sustainability Committee

The Committee was reorganized as an organization that makes reports to the Board of Directors to allow the Board to engage in deeper discussions on responses to sustainability issues, which are important management issues that lead to revenue opportunities.

SDGs Promotion Committee

For a sustainable increase in enterprise value, the Environmental Committee was reorganized into an organization that further incorporates the SDGs into corporate management and business activities and promotes the implementation of SDGs management.

Digital Transformation Promotion Committee

The Committee was newly established as an organization that discusses IT strategies and makes decisions on IT policies.